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Volume 17
Anime 64
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Tsubaki, Saaya Agata, Enigman, Chū-San, Remi Misora, Sojiro Agata, Dante


A non-canon chapter, this time parodying adventure games such as Dragon Quest/Warrior.

The Demon King Dantell (Dante) plots to plunge the lands in darkness causing the King of Kaimein (Chūma) to issue a request for warriors. In a Pub six warriors - a 'Rookie Fighter' (Himeko), a 'Warrior in training' (Tsubaki), a 'Apprentice Caster' (Enigman), a 'Recruit Assassin' (Switch), a 'Village Girl' (Saaya) and a 'Noob Hunter (lol)' (Bossun) meet. Despairing at their own job classes the Landlady (Remi) takes requests from them for new jobs and sends a letter to a Job-Changing Temple. However, when they arrive at the temple they find that she has miswritten all their requests and the High Priest (Agata) has prepared all their 'new jobs'. The group then have to decide who gets which job...

  • Mage > (Stage) Magician (taken by Switch who quickly took the least awful Job)
  • Archer > A-Chan (given to Enigman whose real name is Akitoshi)
  • Martial Artist > Dancer (given to Saaya - best looking girl)
  • Warrior Monk > Priest Monk (Tsubaki called it by shaving off his hair while everyone was arguing)
  • Fighter > Farmer (went to Himeko - winner of Rock, Paper, Scissors)
  • Slayer > Slime (went to Bossun - loser of RPS)

...With their new jobs they head off reluctantly to fight Dantell only for it all the finish with a 'One-turn Win' (by Dantell)


  • Despite their apparent uselessness all the jobs except 'A-Chan' and 'Noob Hunter' are real job classes or levels of Classes in the Dragon Quest Series. Ironically the 'Slime' class is one of the most difficult and sought after jobs due to the difficulty damaging them once fully levelled.
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