Producing Uchida

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Kanji 内田をプロデュース
Romaji Uchida wo purodūsu
Air Date July 7, 2011
Manga Chapters 21 & 22
Opening Kakkowarui I love you!
Ending Comic Sonic

Producing Uchida (内田をプロデュース, Uchida wo purodūsu) is the 14th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Uchida requests the Sket Dan to help him become Mr. Popular, one of the school's rankings in a monthly poll. Despite that Uchida has failed in becoming popular, Bossun and his gang give Uchida a medal for the most kindest student. He cries to his ill mother that he has friends after all.


Bossun's sister complains about how summer vacation is ending, and Bossun tells her that he had fun at the school with his club. He lies to her about finding treasure in a cove by the beach and about being the most popular man in school. Akane tells Rumi that Bossun is popular due to his club helping everyone, but Bossun thinks his mother and sister can through him.

Uchida puts a pot of flowers at the desk while Shimada calls Bossun over. She reveals the popularity contest. Bossun and his crew look at last month's winner is Chiaki who won Miss pretty and Miss sportswoman. The poll for this month is next week. In the Sket Dan club, Uchida Takaoki asks Sket Dan to make him popular. Bossun asks why Uchida wants to become popular, and Uchida replies that he wants to change himself. After hearing Uchida has no place at school, Bossun immediately accepts the request and asks Switch to take out the afro.

As Sket Dan and Uchida glance at the poster and plan to aim for one of the medals, Hime chooses the strong category. When Bossun's crew asks Shinzo to fake his defeat, Shinzo gladly accepts their request. With the cameral rolling, Uchida hits Shinzo's right thigh with the shinai. Shinzo falls down and rolls to the tree, and his act does not become believable.

Back to square one, Switch prepares Uchida for the Otaku category by having him voice his opinion in the student round table during the lunch period. Switch gives Uchida some material to study.Yagi introduces the following guests: Otakura (overweight otaku), Switch, and Uchida. Otakura starts off the round table about the one of the moe character's traits while Switch asks him to focus on the show. Uchida hesitates to voice his opinion.

In the Sket Dan room, Hime yells at Uchida for not saying anything. Bossun asks Uchida if he is good at anything. Uchida replies that he is good at geography. Bossun suggests that Uchida would raise his hand to answer one of Yamanobe's questions. During class, Yamanobe asks where the capital of Shen Han, and Uchida somewhat raises his hand. However, Teppei answers the question.

After school ends, Sket Dan tries to cheer up Uchida, but Uchida gets startling news when the doctor calls. At the hospital, Uchida learn that his mother is resting from her illness. Uchida's mom asks how her son is doing, yet Uchida replies that he will get the medal for the most popular student. Outside of the hospital, Sket Dan learns that Uchida is doing this request for his mother. Back in the club room, Hime and Switch thinks telling everyone to vote for Uchida will work. Bossun states that Uchida's mother knows the truth and that the only that matters is that Uchida becomes more open.

In the homeroom, Uchida waters the flowers. The following day, Shimada receives votes for the popularity contest. Bossun reassures Uchida that he vote for him. Later in the day, Chuuma tells his class to be careful when he stores components of the bombs. Uchida goes back to the hospital while Bossun has the class's attention. In the hospital, Uchida confesses to his mother that he is not popular and that he has no friends which his mother already knows.

Suddenly, Uchida hears the voices of his class outside. As he peers outside, he finds his class telling him that he earns a medal. In Bossun's flashback, the class agrees to go to the hosptial, but some of the students tell Bossun that they voted for Uchida. When Shimada appears with the result, Uchida is Mr. Kind because he always waters the flowers, helps the pregnant teacher, and talks to Teppei. Uchida cries that he has friends all along. Bossun did not win any medals, and Hime confesses that she votes for him in the kindness category. Hime wants Switch to give his medals, but Switch states that these are his only. At Bossun's home, Rumi calls dinner, yet Bossun does not respond. Akane tells Rumi that Bossun is still popular which Bossun still thinks his mother and sister know the truth.


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Results of the Popular Contest

  • Switch - Mr. Popular and Mr. Otaku
  • Hime Onizuka - Ms. Strong
  • Sugihara Teppei - Mr. Sportsman
  • Moe Yabisawa - Ms. Nice Vocals
  • Itou Kumi - Ms. Sexy
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