Producing Uchida

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Kanji 内田をプロヂュース
Romaji Uchida wo purodūsu
Volume Volume 3
Anime Episode 14
Takako Shimada, Takaaki Uchida, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Chiaki Takahashi, Takaaki Uchida, Shinzō Takemitsu, Kaoru Yagi, Otakura, Kunio Yamanobe


The Newspaper Club sponsors a "Number One Contest" for each class. Uchida, a quiet student in the Sket Dan's class, asks them to help him become popular. The group plans to help Uchida win one of the categories for the Number One Contest. They try to help him achieve notoriety in various categories, with no success.

Uchida begins to give up, though the Sket Dan try to convince him otherwise. However, in the middle of their conversation, Uchida's phone rings and the doctor on the other end tells him to rush over to the hospital as his mother's condition has worsened.

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