Poop is in Heaven, So The Student Council Come

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Kanji ウンは天にあるので、来たれ生徒会
Romaji Un wa ten ni aru no de, kitare seitokai
Air Date August 2, 2012
Manga Chapters 109 and 141
Opening Clear
Ending Sekai wa Okujō de Miwataseta

Poop is in Heaven, So The Student Council Come is the 69th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Bossun wants to poop so bad. But he faces many troubles from the toilets he wants to use, like the school toilet's being broken (thanks to Dante), a convenience store's toilet being investigated by the police so Bossun can't use it (thanks to a robber), forgetting his home key, mistaking his home for a woman's and ending up presumed a pervert (his trousers undone when the door opened).

Later, Sasuke asks the Sket Dan to create an advertisement poster for the now vacant student council positions since he knew Bossun is good at drawing. With the weird character 'Sentokain' and a weird plot that Sasuke gives, can the Sket Dan transform it to an interesting manga-style advert?


Alone in the Sket Dan clubroom, Bossun wants to take a dump but cannot. In the bathroom, Bossun finds the stalls occupied and out of order. He waits in front of the stall and realizes that he does not have to go. Though, he finds out he has to go used the restroom once he got back in the clubroom with Himeko present. Himeko informs Bossun about her classmate's birthday. She wants him to draw a fish, and Bossun struggles to draw the fishes while holding himself up. With the drawing done, Himeko notes that the bottom drawing looks sloppy. Bossun walks to the bathroom, and when Dante arrives out of the stall, Dante pauses to say something to Bossun. When Dante says Muddy Stream Stoppage, Bossun finds out that Dante has clogged the toilet. Outside of the school, Bossun gets attacked by a baseball that hits hit his butt. He sees Chiaki who wants him to throw the baseball to her. Bossun throws the ball in a strange fashion. When Bossun arrives to the convenience store, he sees a robber threatening the store clerk with Moe and Kumi huddling close. As Bossun complains and distracts the robber, Kumi and Moe call the police. Later, the police asks Bossun and will not let him inside the store's bathroom. Moe attacks Bossun with a hug much to Bossun's surprise. Using concentration mode, he gets home to the elevator. He prepares himself only to find out that he has left his keys back at the clubroom. He arrives to his home, but he finds out he is at the wrong place. The young lady screams out loud when she sees Bossun's fly is open. 2nd Story

Sasuke rips the newspaper when he finds out that Bossun has done good deeds. Meanwhile, Sojiro explains that he and Shinba are stepping down. Tsubaki proposes to do an ad for the new positions, and Shinba states that they can do a manga. Sojiro will not let Tsubaki participate since Tsubaki has no artistic skills. In the Sket Dance clubroom, Tsubaki requests Bossun to draw a manga about a boy who is interested in the student council and saves a girl from a delinquent. Bossun and Hime are confused about Tsubaki's character, Saint Kain. Tsubaki explains about his characters' superhuman powers. Himeko whispers to Bossun that Sasuke sees the student council as heroes who protects the students. With Tsubaki gone, Bossun prepares to draw. He draws the background, and when Hime tries to help out, she spills the correction fluid. Switch proposes to draw the face, but Bossun finds his drawing lacking. He starts drawing the story for the character. During the work, Bossun smudges the character's head, and he alters it to make it look like blood. Bossun attempts to explain where the blood came. Later, Tsubaki gives the Sket Dan a thumbs up.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Anime Only Scenes: Kumi and Moe appears during the robber scene, Chiaki asks Bossun to throw the ball, and Tsubaki rips the newspaper that has the front page about Bossun's heroic deeds.
  • Bossun only uses his concentration mode in the anime.
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