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Pocket Dan (ポケット団) is a club that consists of three freshman students of Kaimei High School. This club seemingly has the same vision as the Sket Dan and often attempts to take over or replace them (despite the fact that they have been offered to join the Sket Dan). Tsubaki approved of their club only because he hopes that one day, they will be better than the Sket Dan since their vision is also "to help people with their abilities".

The "Pocket" in their name apparently stands for Potential, Outstanding, Clever, Keen, Efficient, Team.

However, according to Tact, it may also stand for Perverse, Offensive, Cheeky, Knavish, Egoistic, Team. (reflecting their showy natures)

Unlike the Sket Dan, they desire to show off their talents than to actually help someone.



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