Pixie Garden

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Kanji ピクシーガーデン
Romaji Pikushii gaaden
Air Date June 30, 2011
Manga Chapters 32, 33, 34 & 35
Opening Kakkowarui I love you!
Ending Comic Sonic

Pixie Garden (ピクシーガーデン, Pikushii gaaden) is the 13th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


It's down to the last two games in the Gachinko Vivage Battle tournament. First up, a real-life love simulation game pitting Roman against Mimori in an effort to win over a randomly selected member of the audience. Despite the stadium-wide effects of Roman's Otome Filter, however, Mimori ends up winning and the game between the team heads Bossun and Agata becomes the deciding match. The two engage in the card game Pixie Garden, with Agata upping the stakes: if he loses, he'll resign as Student Council president, and if Bossun loses, the Sket Dan will be dissolved. Between Bossun's concentration mode and Agata's genius IQ, who will be the victor?!


The rules of the games is that the winner has to impress the man, Tadokoro, enough that Tadokoro confesses his love. (In other words, Tadokoro chooses the winner).

Mimori begins to act naive and innocent when she presents a love letter to Tadokoro, and she states that she did not know how to start a letter. Surprisingly, she writes a check for 10 million yen. At Shinba's request, Mimori adds 5,000 yen extra to the check. After Mimori's turn ends, Shinba tells her to learn the value of yen.

Mimori uses acts like a play to impress Tadokoro, yet her acts are very long and tend to skip around. She increases the Otome factor much to Hime's annoyance. Hime wants Roman to confess his love. In Roman's world, she thinks Tadokoro is Edward, his mother is from Bristo, and she appears to fall ill. Tadokoro calls Roman, Stephanie for some odd reason.

Despite Roman's efforts, Tadokoro chooses Mimori because Mimori is his type. The Pixie Garden game starts with a gray cube that prevents the audience's words from interfering with the player's concentration. During when Bossun shuffles the cards, Sojiro raises the stakes by betting his presidency on his game. His conditions are that if Sojiro loses, Sojiro will quit being the president of the student council. If Bossun loses, he has to quit Sket Dan.

The two players take turns getting rid of their cards, and the first player to use up their hand wins. When discarding them, the player must state what the card is, but that does not necessarily mean that the card they put down is the card they say it is. If the other player calls "check" and the card the player put down does not match the card the player said it was, then the player takes the card back and draws three cards. If a player discards the "pixie" card and the other player calls their bluff, then the player who calls the bluff is the winner automatically. Another rule is that the "pixie" card cannot be discarded in the final hand.

As Sojiro starts the game off, Bossun plays a card. Yet, Sojiro checks him, and Bossun has to return the card to his hand. Sojiro gets Bossun again, so Bossun decides to play all three cards. However, Sojiro lets Bossun pass. Bossun attempts to check Sojiro, but Sojiro did not lie. In the process, Sojiro has Bossun on the ropes.

After Sojiro cuts the cards, Bossun stares at the Pixie. Outside of the cube, Switch explains the Pixie to Hime (which is already explained in the rules section above). He relates Pixie to being the Joker equivalent. Back in the cube, Bossun wears his goggles to concentrate, yet Sojiro asks him why Hime and Switch are loyal to him in order to rattle Bossun. Sojiro states that Bossen saves both of them and became their pillar.

Meanwhile, Hime and Switch cannot hear Bossun's words during his rant. Hime suspects he is saying idiot repeatedly. Shinba thinks Sojiro is having fun when he is serious.

Back to the Pixie Garden game, Bossun completes his concentration after memorizing the order of the cards. At last, Sojiro has two cards which Bossun checks the second to last card as the Pixie. Despite Bossun's plan, Sojiro reveals the card to blue sun and states that the Pixie is in the pile. Sojiro explains that he plays the Pixie as the first card because he knows about Bossun's concentration and that Bossun will never had guessed that.

At the end of the game, Bossun asks Sojiro why he win like that, and Sojiro replies that he has a nasty personality. Later on, Bossun has a farewell ceremony with Sket Dan, Moe, and Shinzo. Sojiro appears and gives the "3" mouth to Moe, and he orders Bossun to not quit Sket Dan. Also, Sojiro states that he cannot lose presidency, and the reason Sojiro raised the stakes is because he wants to revved up the game to make it interesting.


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