A Card Game unique to the Sket Universe which is similar to Cheat. It was played by Sojiro Agata and Yusuke Fujisaki during the Gachinko Vivage Tournament


  • There are 21 cards - Moon, Sun, Star, Flower, Wind each in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow + the 'Pixie'.
  • Each Player starts with 5 cards with the remaining 11 in the centre.
  • Players take one card and declare the colour and symbol while placing it facedown, It is allowable to lie about the card's properties
  • Players must lay down a card which matches either the colour or symbol of the previous card.
  • Players may challenge any card that their opponent places
    • If correctly challenged, the opponent must draw three cards as a penalty
    • If incorrectly challenged, the player has to draw three cards as a penalty
  • To win, a player must either empty their hand of cards or by finding the 'Pixie'
  • The 'Pixie' card can count as any card meaning it cannot be challenged correctly although you cannot use it as the last card in your hand, however, if a player thinks their opponent has used it and declares 'Found the Pixie' the opponent must show the card.
    • If correctly found the player wins, if incorrect they instantly loses the game.


This game can be played using the King, Queen, Jack, Ace and 10 of each suit of normal cards with a Joker card as the 'Pixie'.

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