Peppermint Samurai

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Kanji ペパーミント侍
Romaji Pepaaminto samurai
Volume Volume 1
Anime Episode 2
Shinzō, Bossun, Himeko, Kazuyoshi Usui,


Shinzō, a self-fashioned modern-day samurai, comes to the Sket Dan to ask for assistance. Since becoming captain of the Kendo Club, his success in matches has plummeted and he wants to recover his former prowess before the upcoming inter-school matches begin. The Sket Dan soon discover that despite him being a samurai, Shinzō is actually very keen on modern conveniences and also relies on eating FRISKE mints to improve his concentration and increase his "battle potential." Though this does, in fact, appear to be true, Shinzō becomes useless when the effect wears off.

The trio try different methods of training to provide Shinzō with the same effect, but none are successful. When the inter-school matches roll around, Shinzō decides to try his best regardless. His Friske Mint, however, wears off even before his match starts. Bossun ends up utilizing his trusty slingshot from the stands to shoot a second mint into Shinzō's mouth, resulting in the latter's win.