Panic and 100 Haircuts in the Principal's Office and Clubroom

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Kanji クラブルームと校長室でパニック・イン・髪を切る100の方法
Romaji Kuraburūmu to kōchōshitsu de panikku in kami o kiru 100 no hōhō
Air Date August 11, 2011
Manga Chapters 48 & 64
Opening Michi
Ending Clover

Panic and 100 Haircuts in the Principal's Office and Clubroom (クラブルームと校長室でパニック・イン・髪を切る100の方法, Kuraburūmu to kōchōshitsu de panikku in kami o kiru 100 no hōhō) is the 19th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


A writer for a local newspaper is coming to interview and take a photo of the Sket Dan. Himeko demands that Bossun get his hair cut. When Bossun refuses, Himeko takes things into her own hands. What could possibly go wrong? Afterwards, it's the principal's birthday, and the Student Council is planning a surprise party for him. But when the President makes a mess of the principal's prized bronze bust, the principal will be in for a whole different kind of surprise...


Since there is an upcoming interview, Bossun demands a hair cut. When Himeko volunteers herself, she ends up making a mess of Bossun's hair. While Switch distracts Bossun with anime topics, Himeko goes to find Chūma for a hair tonic. Himeko grabs the tonics without paying attention to the warnings and applies it to Bossun's scalp. As a result, Bossun's hair instantly grows long. Bossun asks Himeko to cut his hair again. Though, Himeko fails and applies the hair tonic again. Then, Switch volunteers to do half of Bossun's hair. Though, the sides that Himeko and Switch worked on have different hair styles. but fails to do a better one. As Switch and Himeko reapply the tonic and attempt to cut Bossun's hair, Bossun's hair becomes longer and harder to manage. At the photo shoot, Bossun along with Himeko and Switch get their photos taken. It turns out that Bossun has an enormous Afro as a remedy to Bossun's hair problem.

The scene finally changes to the Student Council Members in their room. In which Tsubaki barges in and files that the Sket Club does mischievous deeds again. Though, some of the student council members themselves make some outrageous decisions also like expanding the girls bathroom, destroying a doorknob in which Tsubaki is shocked. He asks the president and the others that they must set an example to everyone and try their best to fix everything. Then, the topic changes to the Principal's birthday, and the president pretends that he didn't remember a thing, but Tsubaki still makes him remember and he has no choice but to stand up and start the surprise idea for the principal

Though, as they fix the room with decorations, the president looks at the statue and says that it doesn't look like the principal at all. He draws two circles at the principal's face statue, and every Student Council member freaks out. The president states that he 'forgot' that it was actually permanent marker, so everyone started trying ways to remove it. They tried cutting of the statue, they tried using water based markers, and they even tried Tsubaki's ideal of using potato chips which failed. Tsubaki then cries and says that he would take responsibility of what happened with the statue and will quit his position because he was blamed by his council members that it was his fault. But everyone laughs and says it was a joke and that Tsubaki was so easy to tease.

As the principal approaches the room, Tsubaki blocks the principal and fails, one of the council members then poke both of the principal eyes, and finally, the president throws the birthday cake they had at the principal, knocking him out. Everything is resolved when Tsubaki looks at the cake and sees that it has the tracing of the principal's face. The journalist promises not to tell anyone and when the school photo was published, the principal wondered if the statue always had his face shown smiling.


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