Otakura Takuo
Birthday February 15
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Height 172 cm.
Weight 102 kg.
Hair Black
School Kaimei High School
Class Class 1-E (flashback)
Class 2-D (chapter 1-205)
Class 3-C (chapter 210-present)
Affiliation Anime Society
Manga Debut Chapter 3
The Ghost of the Incinerator
Anime Debut Episode 5
The Ghost of the Incinerator
Seiyū Yoshinori Sonobe (drama CD)
Kōzō Dōzaka (anime)

Otakura (小田倉) is a student at Kaimei High School and part of Switch's information network. During the Kaimei Rock Festival, he originally invites Switch to form a band with him.


Otakura is an avid otaku who often accepts payment in the form of rare or unusual anime-related merchandise.


  • The "Otaku-" in his name means somebody obsessed with anime, figurine, collectibles, videogames,etc. This gives reference to his personality.
  • According to chapter 234, his given name is Takuo.
  • He called Switch : Usui-shi, and Momoka : Momoka-jou.
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