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Otaku and Occult

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Kanji オタクトオカルト
Romaji Otaku to okaruto
Volume Volume 5
Anime Episode 21
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Reiko Yūki, Kobayashi


Bossun and Himeko meet randomly on the street and see Switch and Reiko going somewhere together. It turns out that Reiko had requested the Sket Dan, namely Switch, to help her purchase a computer. Bossun and Himeko end up following the two into a department store.

The two end up meeting Reiko's crush from middle school, Kobayashi, who tactlessly comments on how Reiko hasn't changed a bit. She explains to Switch that she had tried to become more normal by falling in love with a guy, but was rejected for being scary. Switch suddenly takes her through the store for a makeover.

Now with a beautiful appearance, Reiko ends up being propositioned by Kobayashi, who doesn't realize who she is. However, when he sees Switch approach, he realizes the truth. Reiko then curses him and, startled, he falls into the fountain behind him. The chapter ends with Switch and Reiko's usual bickering and a plan to actually buy a computer the following day.