Operation Love Potion, Part 1

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Kanji オペレーション・ラブポーション 前編
Romaji Opereeshon rabu pōshon zenpen
Volume Volume 17
Anime 68
Remi Misora, Tetsuji Chūma, Suzu Chūma, Bossun, Hime Onizuka, Switch


When Remi tells the Sket Dan that she is in love with Chuma, Suza asks them to help her convince her father to confess his feelings by drugging him with a love potion. Bossun asks Remi if she truly loves him. With Remi saying yes, Bossun goes into his concentration mode to formulate a plan.

On the big day, Remi and Suzu lead Chuma in front of a restaurant, and they tell him that they are hungry for Thai yum soup, flounder, and cola. Inside the restaurant, Remi and Suzu work together to add the right drugs to the right food after Remi distracts Chuma. The operation starts when Chuma is about to eat some flounder.