Operation Love Potion
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Kanji オペレーション・ラブポーション
Romaji Operēshon rabu pōshon
Air Date July 26, 2012
Manga Chapters 149 and 150
Opening Clear
Ending Sekai wa Okujō de Miwataseta

Operation Love Potion is the 68th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


When Suzu notices how Remi and her father are very close, she asks the Sket Dan to help her and Remi use the love potion on her father. However the drug has very specific instructions to work. With Bossun's plan of how to administer the drug, can Suzu and Remi pull it off?!


At the movies, Remi and Suzu watches the movie, and Chuma falls asleep. In the Sket Dance clubroom, Bossun and Himeko are surprised when they hear that Remi is in love with Chuma. Bossun asks her how Chuma feels about her, but Remi does not know the answers. Suzu states that there is a chance that her father loves Remi since Chuma usually allows Remi to go with them when they go out. When Remi thinks she cannot do it, Suzu reveals a love potion that can convince her father to love Remi. Bossun reads the instructions and freaks out. Himeko comments how Suzu is like her father, and Bossun thinks it's going to be hard to get Chuma to take the drugs. He asks Remi if she wants Chuma to fall in love with him and if she truly loves him. Remi thinks back and states she wishes to become Chuma's wife. Bossun enters his concentration mode and has a plan. In his plan, he talks about a restaurant where they can apply the drugs and fulfill their requirements. The first drug is to be ingested in the rice without being chewed. The second drug is in the spicy soup while the the third drug would be in cola. Though, Himeko and Switch finds some flaws such as who would drink hot soup to wash the rice. Regardless, Suzu and Remi goes with Bossun's plan. At Chuma's home, Suzu asks her father to go to a restaurant and that they should invite Remi. In Chuma's lab, Chuma asks Remi if she wants to go, and Remi agrees to go.

During the luncheon, Suzu and Remi lead Chuma to the restaurant, and the two inform Chuma that they are hungry. Remi demands Thai thom yum soup that is spicy while Suzu wants a hard-boiled flounder set that has lots of bone. To add on, Suzu wants cola. Suzu asks her father to switch the flounder with his hamburger. Remi tries to distract Chuma, and when Chuma looks back, the girls put the drugs into their respective food, and Suzu drinks all the water. Remi distracts Chuma again, so Suzu can stick the bone on the flounder. When Chuma gets a bone stuck in his throat, Suzu suggests to her daddy eating rice. Chuma finds all of his rice gone. When Suzu tells Chuma that she drank all the water, Remi makes Chuma drink the hot soup because Suzu would not let him drink his cola. After Chuma drinks the hot soup, Suzu hands her father, cola. Chuma suspects a drug in the cola, but he drinks it. With Chuma passing out, Suzu tells Remi to touch Chuma and say her name. Remi refuses.

At the lab, Chuma finds the Love Potion in his bag, and he realizes that Suzu wanted him to asks Remi for her hand in marriage. On the rooftop, Remi apologizes and explains that it's wrong to make Chuma fall in love. She wants to do things by herself. Chuma arrives to hear everything, and he apologizes to Remi. Bossun tells Chuma that Remi truly loves him and that she will not resort to using the love potion. Finally, Chuma asks Remi for her hand in marriage because of what Suzu said to him. Remi explains that people don't marry before dating. Bossun wonders how Chuma and Remi's married life would be. Himeko talks contently about her future marriage life and having a pet cat.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • When Chūma finds his love drug set in Suzu's bag, he says it at the rooftop in the manga. In the anime, he talks to himself at his desk.
  • Anime Only: Near the end, Himeko tells Bossun about what kind of husband she wants.
    • Chuma asks Remi if she has time to go out to eat in his lab.
  • The anime added more scenes of School Trip Rhapsody to Bossun's flashback such as shots of Saaya. For Remi, they added flashbacks for her but not in the manga.
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