Onihime and the Crowbar

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Kanji 鬼姫に鉄棒
Romaji Onihime ni kanabō
Volume Volume 1
Anime Episode 3
Momoka, Himeko, Bossun, Switch, Inui, Kijima, Sarukawa


As Momoka and Himeko have a verbal confrontation, Himeko's phone goes off. The caller is Bossun, who soon discovers that Himeko is in real trouble. He tries to get Momoka to reveal her and Himeko's location, but is unsuccessful and instead has to rely on his concentration mode to discern their whereabouts. As the tension increases, Momoka attacks her captive with a bat but is stopped by the sudden arrival of Bossun and Switch. As Switch unties Himeko, Bossun explains how he had used the background sounds from their phone conversation to figure out the location. Momoka and her gang believe they will now have to fight all three members of the Sket Dan, but Bossun asserts that he and Switch aren't going to interfere. Thanks to a Pelollipop Candy and the return of her trusty field hockey stick, Himeko is back to her usual self and Momoka realizes that her captive is the real "Onihime." Himeko launches an attack but is reminded why she gave up the Onihime name upon seeing the terrified faces of Momoka and her gang, who are given 3 seconds to flee as Himeko holds herself back.

On the way back to the clubroom, Himeko muses on her regrets and how she might not have changed after all. Bossun tells her that she's fine the way she is, reminding her of why he wanted her in the Sket Dan in the first place. The next day, it is revealed that Momoka was a huge Onihime admirer, and now views Himeko as her idol. She and her gang decide to serve as Himeko's retainers, getting her drinks and snacks but comically refusing to do the same for Bossun.

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