Sket Dance Oneshot
(Weekly Jump version)

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Kanji スケット・ダンス 読み切り
Romaji Suketto dansu yomikiri
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Ichirō Yamanaka, Namiko Watanabe, Nanako Watanabe, Hidenori Shiga


The members of the Sket Dan lounge around in complete boredom at having nothing to do. Suddenly, Ichirō comes to them with a request: find out why his girlfriend Namiko suddenly dumped him and won't talk to him anymore. The trio discover that Namiko is being blackmailed into dating fellow student Shiga. Shiga had attended the same middle school as both Namiko and Ichirō and had noticed that Ichirō seemed unaware that "Namiko" was actually her twin sister Nanako. Upon putting all their information together, the Sket Dan decide to force Ichirō to see the truth. He comes to realize that the pain of real Namiko's death prior to their middle school graduation had led him to see Nanako as her sister. The issue resolved, both Nanako and Ichirō are able to move on and the Sket Dan return to the boredom of waiting for a new client to turn up...



  • The Sket Dan trio are first year students.
  • Switch is in a different class than Bossun and Himeko.
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