Sket Dance Prototype
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Trouble Love Letter
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Kanji スケット・ダンス プロトタイプ ~トラブル・ラブレター~
Romaji ' 'Suketto dansu purototaipu ~toraburu raburetaa~
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Mimori Konno, Naoki Nishio, Takumi Orochi, Yūji Ogura, Moe Yabasawa, Otakura


The Sket Dan is a group created for the purpose of helping people. However, with there rarely being any clients, the three members Bossun, Himeko and Switch spend their days lazying around.

In walks a client, Mimori Konno. She wants someone to deliver an envelope with a heart mark in her stead which was dropped by her crush, Naoki Nishio. Bossun admonishes her to deliver it herself. However, when the Sket Dan discover that inside the envelope are pictures of half-naked girls, they change their minds completely and set out to investigate.


  • Bossun is named Yūsuke Asuma (遊馬 游翼), Switch's name is written as 笛吹一義 (but is still read as "Usui Kazuyoshi"), and Himeko is only called Himeko.
  • Himeko is in a different class than Bossun and Switch.
  • Bossun has a childhood trauma associated with having been unable to save his brother from drowning.
  • The SKET acronym stands for "Support Kindness Encouragement Team".
  • The Sket Dan isn't recognized as an official club, though it still has a clubroom.
  • The clubroom layout and boys' school uniform are slightly different.

  1. Most information translated from the Japanese wikipedia article
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