Oneesan is Popular?

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Kanji おねえさんもお気に入り?
Romaji Oneesan mo o-ki ni iri?
Volume Volume 11
Anime Episode 31
Remi Misora, Tetsuji Chūma, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Shō Tobishima


Remi manages to get through her homeroom announcements without making a single mistake. Chūma and the others congratulate her. In Chūma's lab, Remi and the Sket Dan have a little tea party. When Himeko asks Remi if she has a boyfriend, Remi chokes a bit. Remi explains she has a date with one young man. Afterwards, Remi helps clean Chūma's equipment. Remi notes that Chūma is still single. Before Remi leaves, Chūma catches the name of Remi's date.

On the next day, Remi spills a drink on her skirt. Tobishima tries to help her. Then, a young man collides with Tobishima and purposely opens the bag, revealing a secret camera. When Tobishima threatens to call the police, the young man turn Tobishima's threat on him. When Remi puts on her "Onee-san" face, the young man whips out his cola bottle and drinks it. It turns out that the young man is a younger version of Chūma. Chūma reveals that Tobishima is a pervert.

Later, Suzu arrives on scene. Chūma introduces his daughter to Remi.