Oneesan Sensei

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Kanji おねえさん先生
Romaji Oneesan sensei
Volume Volume 8
Anime Episode 27
Tetsuji Chūma, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Remi Misora, Mitsuru Jōgasaki


Bossun's class gets a new assistant teacher who was actually a host of a kid's show, "Together with Onee-san", before she became a teacher, claiming becoming a teacher was always her dream. She asked the whole class to call her 'Onee-san' instead of the usual "sensei." But she is very clumsy and when she was telling Jogasaki off for wearing a t-shirt when in school, her skirt was tucked in upwards, revealing the back of her underwear. During lunch, the Sket Dan give Remi some of their lunch when Remi brought 2 boxes of rice.

The Sket-dan goes the Chuu-sensei to ask for help and Chuu-sensei shows them a whole series of medicine, all in bottles that look like sake bottles. In the end, Chuu-sensei told her that her clumsiness can't be cured by medicine. He told her to 'just don't give up' and gave her a bottle that he claims contains just water and told her to drink it for confidence. Then, when Onee-san goes for her class, she thinks of what Chuu-sensei had said and takes a sip of the 'water'. Actually, what was inside wasn't water. It was 'Midare Zakura', a medicine that makes somebody go erotic.

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