One Guy's Quiet Day Off

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Kanji 男の穏やかな休日
Romaji Otoko no odayakana kyūjitsu
Volume Volume 10
Anime Episode 46
Ryōsuke Kirishima, Haru Kirishima, Akane Fujisaki, Little Boy, Mamoru's Grandmother, Mamoru, Bossun


Ryosuke loses his wallet and begins to yell at a cat who he thinks is mocking him. Haru and Akane arrive which stops him. While Akane and Ryosuke talk, a boy (Taisuke) chases after a ball into the streets. A car is about to hit him, but Ryosuke saves him. Afterwards, Akane tells Ryosuke to be careful, but Ryosuke jokes a bit about dying which Akane does not find amusing. When Ryosuke loses the ball, it hits an elderly lady. Moments later, he helps the lady get to her son's home. At the house, she offers to pay Ryosuke, 1 million Yen. However, Ryosuke declines and is instead given an old figure doll. In the streets, Ryosuke looks at the "Joint Man" doll which catches the eye of a nerdy man. The man tries to buy Ryosuke's doll, but as he goes through his wallet, Ryosuke realizes that the man stole his wallet and spent it on a camcorder. Although the man gives Ryosuke the camcorder, he doesn't get away with it...

Bossun is shown watching these events on a videotape as a 14-year old (4 years before the main story).

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