Nusutto Dance - Chapter of the Falcon

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Kanji ヌスット・ダンス 隼の章
Romaji Nusutto dansu, hayabusa no shō
Volume Volume 3
Anime Episode 32
Switch, Bossun, Himeko, Shinzō Takemitsu, Roman Saotome, Reiko Yuki, Agata Sojiro, Sasuke Tsubaki

A non-canon chapter where the Sket Dan members are the main characters of a story set in the Edo Era as Ninja.

A semi-famous group of three ninja's gifted in stealing - the Nusutto Dan (Sket Dan) - are tasked by a local ronin (Chuma) to 'steal' his daughter (Roman) back from a warlord (Tsubaki). They are assisted by the ronin's bodyguard (Shinzo) in this task. On their journey they encounter a Ghost in a well (Reiko) then... it all goes wrong, as Roman, appearing as a vision starts breaking the fourth wall and messing around with the manga chapter using her imagination and 'storytelling skills'. She makes everyone else a ninja by using 'timeskips' to rapidly train herself and them.

Eventually, due to Roman now being with the group they don't see the point in sneaking into the warlord's castle and return Roman home. The chapter ends with Lord Tsubaki and his bodyguard (Agata) still waiting for Nusutto Dan to arrive and fight...


  • There are numerous references to Ninja Manga such as Naruto and Ninja Hattori in this chapter, including Bossun using Naruto's '-ttebayo' ('ya know') ending catchphrase. It also makes fun of how such manga have their protagonists randomly come up with new abilities in such a short time.
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