Noriyo Kuroda
Noriya Kuroda
Nickname Rodan (ロダン)
Birthday November 12
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 175 cm.
Weight 58 kg.
Hair Blonde
School Kaimei High School
Affiliation JardiN
Manga Debut Chapter 51
Funny Bunny
Anime Debut Episode 17
Sketchbook (episode)
Seiyū Junichi Suwabe

Noriya Kuroda (黒田立野), also known as Rodan (ロダン) is the guitar player for Dante's visual kei band JardiN.


Kuroda speaks in a similar fashion to Dante due to the latter's influence, but is also able to talk normally, much to the relief of the Sket Dan when he comes to them with a request.

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