The Newspaper Club is one of student clubs at Kaimei High School. The members report information around the school and publish into articles for their classmates to read. The club sponsors the No. 1 Contest which is held every month in every class.

Known Members


During the Ghost of the Incinerator arc, Takako has a hard time when folks do not read her newspaper except for one person, Reiko Yūki. Since Reiko is so fascinated with the occult, Takako fabricates a rumor about a ghost, but the Sket Dan uncovers Takako's lies. From that point, Takako writes honest articles. She finally obtains an audience when she writes about the Student Council's success in foiling the Spider's Association.

A few days after the new school year, Rumi tells Bossun that she wants to join a club. Firstly, she asks him to accompany her to the literature club because she likes writing. Since the club is not like what she imagined it to be and full of creepy guys, she decides to join another club. Afterwards she and Bossun visit many clubs, but she starts to give up because there are not many clubs that fit her preferences. Though, Bossun advises her to join a club for her own sake. At that time, she sees a flyer about the Pocket Dan, and after seeing all the clubs and hearing of the Sket/Pocket Dan rivalry she writes a review of all the clubs she saw and an article on the rivalry. She is invited to join the newspaper club and she accepts, she gets her own segment at the school newspaper - 'Rumi Watch'.[1]


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