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Either you hang around here and give us all a little fun... or your school life from now on becomes a living hell. Now, which would you prefer?

—Naoyuki Kusabe (to Daisy), chapter 23

Naoyuki Kusabe
草部 直幸
Kusabe Naoyuki
Birthday October 18
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 171 cm.
Weight 58 kg.
Hair Dark brown
School Kaimei High School (former)
Class 3-C (chapters 1-209)
Likes Crime movies
Dislikes People with talent
Affiliation The Spider's Association (former)
Art Club (former)
Manga Debut Chapter 23
Anime Debut Episode 5
Seiyū Tōru Nara

Naoyuki Kusabe (草部 直幸, Kusabe Naoyuki) is a former student of Kaimei High School and the leader of the defunct group The Spider's Association.


He attended the same middle school as Fumi and Morino and was considered to be the most talented member of the Art Club until the latter joined. When even the teacher said that Morino's art was better than Kusabe's, Kusabe grew jealous and angry and slashed Morino's canvas after school. When Morino discovered it the next day, Kusabe sneered and told him not to be so cocky.



Major Story Points

The Spider's Association

A prospective member to the group provides a picture of second-year Kiku Dejime shoplifting, and Kusabe decides to use her as a new target for blackmail. The group sends her a text message to meet them in an unused storehouse on school grounds, to which she complies. Kusabe then declares that if she doesn't do as they tell her, he will spread the picture of her shoplifting to the entire school. When Kiku is unable to answer, he launches himself at her and suddenly finds himself struck by Student Council vice-president Tsubaki. When Tsubaki states that the Association is finished and Kusabe feigns innocence, the former reveals that Kiku was wearing a recording device the entire time. With nothing left to lose, Kusabe pulls out a knife and quickly stabs Tsubaki in the arm before going into a desperate frenzy, yelling that he'll kill everyone in the area. Before he can reach Kiku, however, the group's newest member grabs his arm and confiscates the knife. The new member and Kiku reveal themselves to be members of the student council, and Kusabe makes an attempt to flee only to find the exit blocked by the final two members of the student council.