Birthday Autumn
Gender Female
School Kaimei High School
Class Class 2-A (chapters 1-209)
Class 3-A (chapters 210-present)
Manga Debut Chapter 176

Nakatani (中谷) is a student in class 2-A at Kaimei High School. Himeko often relays things she has heard from friends about her. Until chapter 176, she was only ever mentioned and her face has still yet to be shown. Among the Sket Dan members, just Bossun doesn't know her. To date, the following information is known:

  • She had a boyfriend at one point (and might still have one).
  • She lost 5 kg. on a diet.
  • She has 4 cats.
  • She likes donating blood.
  • She really likes fish.
  • She's thought to be a mature person.
  • She attended the school field trip with friends.
  • She brings senbei, baumkuchen and madeleine cake to school and gives some to fellow students.
  • She loaned Himeko a book.
  • She's raising a hamster.
  • She once called Himeko to save her from a gang of boys.[1]


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