Momoka Kibitsu
Present | Delinquent | Moe
Momoka congrats Himeko.png
吉備津 百香
Kibitsu Momoka
Birthday July 3
Gender Female
Blood Type O
Height 160 cm.
Weight 43 kg.
Hair Tangerine blonde
School Nikkō High School
Occupation Seiyū
Manga Debut Chapter 5
The Legendary Onihime
Anime Debut Episode 3
The Legendary Onihime
Seiyū Marina Inoue

Momoka Kibitsu (吉備津 百香, Kibitsu Momoka) is a delinquent girl who once posed as the legendary "Onihime," but she ended up being defeated by Himeko, the actual one. Since then, she and her gang began hanging out at the Sket Dan's clubroom. At one point, she auditioned for a seiyū role in the anime No! Nervous 5, but instead ended up as the voice of Liberty☆Maji's protagonist.


Momoka has wavy bra-length tangerine-blonde hair that has bangs swept to the right side with an white Alice headband and dark blue eyes.

In her casual attire, she wears a skirt that extends to her knees and a jacket over her school shirt.


Momoka herself at first was a very hot-blooded girl who tried to mimic "Onihime", but it was Bossun who first realized her talent as a seiyuu with her cute voice over the phone. She is a kind, helpful, passionate and a very considerate person. She is also a very shy girl and tried to hide her cuteness through her delinquent attitude. She is also multi-talented enough to do everything from acting, voice overs and singing. She always tries her best to reach the expectations of people around her (her agents, directors and friends). She is also a hardworking person with the aim to do everything at her best.


Hime "Himeko" Onizuka

After posing as Onihime and being defeated by Himeko, the real "Onihime", the two became close friends. Momoka admires Himeko greatly because Himeko is very similar to her as they were both delinquents and Himeko turned better and gained friends. Usually when Momoka and her gang have problems, they ask Sket Dan for help.

Kazuyoshi "Switch" Usui

After Momoka has become an aspiring singer and actress, Switch becomes a fan of her work by visiting her concerts and buying merchandise. Momoka knows that Switch has been attending her concerts, and when asked for a backstage pass, Momoka asks Switch why he is doing this. Switch replies through a sketchbook that he wanted to show support for her.[1] During the Valentine Crisis arc, Momoka buys honmei Valentine's Day chocolates which she says she will give to the person she really likes. She later gives the chocolate and confesses to Switch asking if he's interested in anyone or if he's looking for a girlfriend. Switch replies that he will not love anyone with the flashbacks of Sawa occurring in his mind, but he wishes Momoka good luck. After Switch walks off, Momoka cries silently, watching nearby Himeko realizes that Momoka likes Switch, and Bossun reassures her that things will be all right.[2][3][4] At the end of the series after Switch's original voice is finally recovered and both graduated from school, she and Switch are now on a date.

Inui, Kijima, Sarukawa (Nippon No. 1 Gang)

Three street gang girls that took Momoka as their leader. Because these 3 had believed that Momoka was the original "Onihime", they praised Momoka and try to protect her. After being defeated by Himeko, the 3 once street gang had come to their senses and become a side member of Sket-dan and help Bossun (often called "Bossman" by Momoka) whenever Momoka asks them to. Due to the fact that Momoka had become busy with her career as a seiyuu, actress and a singer, Momoka seldom hangs out with them, but it seems that they understand the situation. When Momoka tries her best to satisfy her agent request to be a total idol with cutesy slang and such, the 3 complained to Sket-dan and after the paparazzi caught Momoka with them and tried to spread the word about Momoka's delinquent girl past, Momoka changed her mind and returned to herself and quit being a seiyuu. Thanks to them, after that Momoka was offered a major role as a delinquent detective (actually a parody of an 80s Japanese manga and drama "Sukeban Deka"), so Momoka came back hanging out with them as they did before.

Yusuke "Bossun" Fujisaki

Although they are too close, both respect and help each other. Momoka is grateful to Bossun and his gang for their help in giving her a chance to change.


  • The name Momoka means "hundred" (百) (momo) and "fragrance, fragrant" (香) (ka).
  • Momoka's surname Kibitsu means "good luck" (吉) (ki), "equipment" (備) (bi) and "haven, port, harbor, ferry" (津) (tsu).


  • Momoka's appearance as a total cutesy idol with her own alien slang of "-nyora" was actually a parody of a real seiyuu named Yuko Ogura. Coincidently, Yuko Ogura had a named given to her in her middle school that is "Princess Apple-Momoka" from the apple-shaped planet "Korin". Momoka claims she is from Planet Momo (peach).[5]
  • Momoka was introduced to the press as the new heroine of the drama series "Yankee Detective", which was actually a parody of a classic 1980s drama of Sukeban Deka. Also, in ep. 23, there's a reference to Sukeban Deka, which is when Momoka was asked by Switch to voiced a character in another anime called "Yanki Deka", which was when she got her first yo-yo and had a fight with another schoolgirl gang.[5]


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