Momoka's Seiyū Aspirations

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Kanji モモカ声優志願
Romaji Momoka seiyū shigan
Volume Volume 3
Anime Episode 8
Momoka Kibitsu, Bossun, Himeko, Switch


Momoka brings news to the Sket Dan that she has been scouted as a seiyū by one of the teachers from the puppet show. She tells them that, although it's different from her image as a delinquent, she would like to try the job - since seeing the faces of the children from the play made her happy. She asks for help from Switch to teach her about anime.

Using the Futari wa Nervous! series, Switch has Momoka practice dubbing. She finds it difficult to get into the mindset of the characters, so they switch to using a magical girl show with questionable success.

At the audition, a staff member praises her acting, but then sexually harasses her. Despite Himeko's warnings, Momoka blows up at the man, reciting a frightening catchphrase from the magical girl show. The director is astonished and casts her as the voice of the heroine in his new series Liberty Maji.

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