Gender Male
School Kaimei High School
Class 2-B (chapter 1-205)
3-? (chapter 210-present)
Manga Debut Chapter 105
Seiyū Yūki Ono

Misato (三郷) is a student at Kaimei High School who was the primary cause for Akina and Chiaki's falling out, due to the former's feelings for him.


Misato appears to be a kind, down-to-earth person and ends up urging the girls to reconcile. He is also the one who informs Chiaki that Akina is changing schools.

Major Story Points

Misato is first seen in the class of Chiaki, approaching her during her lunch break, when she is eating her food and sharing candies with her best friend, Akina. Akina has always had a crush on Misato, and when he approached the girls, she became even more self conscious since the color of candy she had got meant "love". Chiaki casually handed Misato one of the candies they were having, and Misato left afterwards. Shortly later, there is a fight between Akina and Chiaki. A few days after the fight, Akina contacts Misato and informs him about the fight and her feelings for him. Misato quickly informs Chiaki who reaches a resolution with Akina.[1]


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