Birthday July 28
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Height 155 cm.
Weight 42 kg.
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Relatives Mother
Manga Debut Chapter 8
Misaki and Kōtarō
Anime Debut Episode 7
Summer Sakura
Seiyū Natsumi Takamori

Misaki (美咲) is Tetsu's childhood friend who has always had poor health.


When Misaki and Tetsu were children, they lived near each other and Tetsu often came to visit as Misaki's parents wouldn't let her go out much. One time, when she mused over not being able to see the sakura in full bloom, Tetsu offered to take her to see them. However, while they were there, Misaki slipped and fell in a river and her health condition grew even worse as a result. Her father subsequently prohibited Tetsu from seeing her again. A few months later, her family moved away. After a while, she and Tetsu started exchanging e-mails, though the latter used the fake name "Kōtarō."


Misaki has brown hair and blue eyes.


Major Story Points

Meeting "Kōtarō"

Having decided to visit her old hometown, Misaki also scheduled to meet with her pen pal Kōtarō. However, as Tetsu didn't want her to know that he is Kōtarō, Bossun meets her in his stead. They visit a coffee shop and then Bossun takes her for a tour of town on his bike. After a while, she asks to go to a group of sakura trees, beneath which she and Tetsu had buried a "time capsule" containing the paper crane he had folded. When she opens the capsule, she discovers that Tetsu had continued making cranes over the years and she takes one with her for good luck. She then reveals that she will be leaving for America in a week to have a major operation. When they part ways at the end of the day, Misaki gives Bossun a sweater she had knit for Kōtarō, and the Sket Dan realize that she had known all along that Kōtarō was really Tetsu.

The next day, Misaki sadly boards the train to Kobukuro. As the train starts to move, she notices Tetsu racing along the riverbank and shouting and lifts up the window to call out to him. He wishes her good luck as the Sket Dan release thousands of origami papers into the wind, giving the impression of sakura petals. Some time later, they receive an e-mail that Misaki's operation was a success.

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