Milk Fugisaki Magic Show

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Kanji ミルク・フジサキ・マジックショー
Romaji Miruku fujisaki majikkushō


Bossun becomes obsessed with magic tricks, and starts showing the whole class, and the whole school, and he even tries a street performance. Some TV show hosts scout Bossun for their next showing, and that gets Bossun nervous because all the other times he got obsessed with something, it brought him very great sadness in the end.

Anyways, Bossun agrees, and starts practicing like a madman. On the day of the show, Bossun somehow has stomach troubles. He appears on stage with one of his 'stupid' faces on, while Himeko and Switch watch from the audience. Since he's feeling sick, his magic tricks don't seem to work. Himeko just has a face of shock on the whole time. Finally, Bossun's tummy starts acting up, and then it's time for him to run away!