Michiru Shinba
榛葉 道流
Shinba Michiru
Age 18
Birthday October 6, 1991
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Height 178 cm.
Weight 54 kg.
Eyes Brown
Hair Light brown
School Kaimei High School (chapters 1-205)
Private Institution Meikyō University (chapters 205-present)
Class 1-D (flashback)
3-C (chapters 1-205)
Affiliation Student Council
Manga Debut Chapter 23
The Spider's Association
Anime Debut Episode 3
The Legendary Onihime
Seiyū Kōsuke Toriumi (Drama CD)
Kenji Nojima (anime)

Michiru Shinba (榛葉 道流, Shinba Michiru) is the former manager of general affairs for Kaimei High School's Student Council. After he steps down during his third school year, Kiri replaces him.


He has brown eyes and short, curly, and light brown hair. He is usually seen wearing a purple woolen vest over his normal school uniform. In addition, he wears his student council red and white striped armband on his left arm. He is noted to be charming and handsome.


He is generally a calm person who serves as a balance in the student council. He has an extremely low tolerance for alcohol – so much so that even just the smell of it can make him drunk.[1] Shinba is very popular with girls and calls them "my little kittens. He enjoys the attention from his fans.  As demonstrated during graduation and student council's message game, he is prone to crying. When he is about to step down from the Student Council (at that time, Kikuno Asahina was saying 'Good luck, dumb senior,'), he is shown to be turning his face and trying not to cry, thus earning him a sarcastic comment from Agata. He demonstrates pride in his title: magician of love. He proves that he can fix romance problems when attempting to rewrite Sōjirō's misunderstandings in the Saaya love diagram issue.

Special Abilities

  • He's good at analyzing people's romance problems and elaborating it to their specific need (and he's usually right).
  • He's also good at cooking.

Major Story Points

Spider's Association

When Daisy comes in disguise as a regular school girl, she arrives to meet with the The Spider's Association who are blackmailing her. After Tsubaki arrives and engages one of the students, Shinba stops the young man with the knife. Shinba introduces himself and Daisy. With the rest of the Student Council present, Shinba and his gang successively stop the Spider's Association. [2]

Gachinko Vivage Battle

When the Sket Dan enter the tournament to win an app for Moe, Shinba and his group are the opposing team. In the cooking match, Shinba faces off with Himeko. While Himeko is cooking, Shinba spend most of the time entertaining his fans. In the last moments, Shinba whips a simple omelet that impresses the judges. He explains that his cooking was nice, warm, and fresh compared to Himeko's cooking.[3]

Principal's Bust

He and the rest student council had to clean the principal's bust after Sōjirō marked it with a permanent marker. Through their fail attempts, they end up destroying the bust.[4]

Shinba Michiru's Elegant Cooking

When the Broadcasting Club was hosting a television show during lunch break, Shinba is invited to teach the students on how to make a hamburger. Even though he had chosen Mimori and Tsubaki as his assistants, Daisy and Sōjirō end up as Shinba's assistants due to a lottery conducted by Mimori. During Shinba's cooking segment, Daisy and Sōjirō are in a bad mood. When Shinba struggles to carry on with the show, Sōjirō takes the lead and uses cooking sake in the ingredients. Upon inhaling the sake, Shinba gets easily drunk and starts going wild. In an anime exclusive scene, Sōjirō recalls how Shinba got drunk with bonbons during Christmas.[5]

VS Student Council! Battle Q

Shinba and his student council group are forced to participate in a quiz game hosted by Enigman, Quecchon, and Bossun when Enigman threatens to release a photo of them destroying the principal's bust if Shinba and his group loses. Shinba and his group fail to answer Enigman's riddles until Sōjirō arrives and saves his group. [6]

The last day of the president

During the president Agata's last day, Shinba, Bossun, and the rest of the student council did a surprise game. After Sōjirō believe Saaya was kidnapped, he solves the riddles and sees Shinba and the others' message.[7]

The Sister Who is Worried About Her Brother Who is Worried About His Sister Worries Her Friends

Shinba requests Bossun and the Sket Dan to help Sōjirō focused on studying for the college entrance exams after Sōjirō had failed the first exam. Shinba explains that Sōjirō is bent on figuring out Saaya's love diagram. Shinba aims to correct Sōjirō's love diagram for Saaya. His solution is to have Saaya tell the truth to her big brother. Though, it fails. Inspired by Bossun's strategy of overwriting Sōjirō's misunderstandings, Shinba formulates a plan with four scenarios. Though, it backfires and further complicates the diagram in Sōjirō's head. [8]


During Sasuke and Sōjirō's farewell speeches, Shinba is seen crying. Shinba and Sōjirō meet up with Sasuke's student council and the Sket Dan group. Shinba struggles to say goodbye to the Sket Dan as he cries. [9]


  • During the Kaimei Rock Festival, he sings vocals in the Student Council band.
  • It is noted that he, and all of the student council, can sing very well. As a tribute to he and Agata stepping down, an ending theme song was sang by the entire Student Council.[10]
  • He has a fan club dubbed the Shinbals (Shinba + gals).
  • When Shinba talks about having an obligation of making girls happy, Sōjirō mentions that Shinba ranked 19th in the popularity poll.[11]



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