This is a list of minor characters who are otaku(s). They first appeared in chapter 140 and episode 67.

Note: Rather than making a character page for every minor character. It's better to create a page to group them.

Otaku Members

  • Lolcatz Lolcatz Loli-pops is a 38 years old man who loves Vernier, and his favorite battle gear is Dugg's marshland battle type.
  • "Splatter" Sandayuu is 41 years old man from Kagoshima. Despite that he does not like Moe characters, he wears a shirt with a Moe girl named Artemis on it.
  • "20,000-Yen-in-Savings (LOL) is a 44 years old man whose favorite HSW is Jail Storm Attack which looks great in episode 23.
  • "Going My Way" is 29 years old, and his favorite HSW is Frankenstein.
  • "Purple is Mai Waifu" is man whose favorite is Nakatake Manabu. He holds a Purple figurine (Purple), and he caresses Purple's hair repeatedly.
  • Yunyun Bloody Star (Kai) @ Suzuki Bomber has a favorite scene where Chian steals Artemis's Piprick.