May I Come Backstage?

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Kanji 楽屋に行っていいかい?
Romaji Gakuya ni itte ii kai?
Air Date May 3, 2012
Manga Chapters 124
Opening Reboot
Ending Colors

May I Come Backstage? (楽屋に行っていいかい?, Gakuya ni itte ii kai?) is the 56th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Both Switch's PC and laptop are broke so he speaks via his sketchbook while he's attending Momoka's concert.

This episode includes a short called Biscuit Dance.

Plot Summary

In kindergarten, Mimori plays the piano for her adorable munchkins. Sōjirō notices that Tsubaki isn't singing along. Bossun states that Tsubaki will not do anything unless he tells him, too. Sōjirō punishes Bossun by taking Bossun's privilege of having jelly for lunch.

Over at Momoka's concert, Switch and Otakura wave their glow sticks while Momoka sings passionately. Afterwards, Otakura comments that Momoka's dancing has improved. Switch agrees, but he is more interested in Momoka's singing ability. Otakura feels that her voice actress role is Momoka's best part especially the Momo-tan persona. He loves how Momoka is able to distinguish herself from her actress and her singer roles. Outside, Otakura reminds Switch of Miss Momoka fan appreciation event next week. The event holds a lottery that selects only 500 fans. Otakura brags that he sent out 100 fan postcards and that he has been blessed by Reality Maji-level luck. The two young men spot a line of fans waiting to greet Momoka. Otakura states that he doesn't do that, but he says it doesn't hurt. Elsewhere, Momoka notices Switch walking outside the fence.

Next day in the Sket Dance Clubroom, Switch celebrates that he won the lottery while Otakura did not. When Switch is about to work, his computer gives out. Moments later, Bossun and Himeko walk in to find a note from Switch who is at Akihabara to buy computer parts. Then, Momoka enter the Sket Dan Clubroom to look for Switch. Outside, Reiko strolls by and notices Momoka chatting with Himeko and Bossun. Throughout the day, Switch did not find any spare parts. Then, a pedestrian bumps into Switch, causing the strap from the laptop to break. As a result, Switch's laptop crashes on the sidewalk. Next day, Bossun and Himeko harass Switch for getting a ticket for himself. Switch writes via his sketchbook to communicate with his club members. Suddenly, Reiko pops by in an unusual position. She asks Switch about his connection to Momoka and wonders if Switch can get an autograph for her horror movie that stars Momoka. Switch refuses Reiko's request.

After Reiko is gone, Bossun and Himeko remarks that Switch could easily get backstage. Switch writes down about his efforts and that they should get tickets through proper channels. When Bossun asks Switch why he went the distance, Switch writes down that he is just showing his support to Momoka. With the concert over, Momoka texts Switch that he can visit her backstage. Switch realizes that he has no pen. In Momoka's dressing room, Switch helps Momoka by scaring off a crazy otaku. Later, Momoka points out that Switch had visited all of her concerts and wonders why. Switch flips through his sketchbook and shows that he wants to support her as a fan. He grabs Momoka's shoulder and requests a marker. Momoka is stunned at Switch's request for an autograph. In exchange, Momoka asks Switch for a favor.

In the Sket Dance Clubroom, Reiko thanks Switch by shaking him vigorously. Meanwhile, Momoka looks back fondly at Switch's sketchbook.

During the Biscuit Dance short, Bossun is upset that Switch has the robot role for the Wizard of Oz play. Himeko relays Bossun's messages to Sōjirō that Bossun is passionate with being a robot. When Michiru offers his lion role since it's not the lead role, Bossun gladly accepts it. In another short, Bossun shows off how cool he is to Tsubaki by jumping off the monkey bars. Next day, Himeko reports to Sōjirō that Bossun had broke his leg.


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Anime and Manga Differences

  • The reason why Switch's PC and laptop is broken is not explained in the manga but only in the anime.
  • Also, the manga did not explain how Switch obtained the ticket.
  • Otakura does not appear in the manga.
  • Dialogue Alterations: In the anime, Otakura and Switch talk about Momoka's qualities. Otakura talks about her looks while Switch talks about her singing voice. In the manga, these dialogues are done by fans at Momoka's concert.
  • Altercations: In the manga, the crazed otaku grasps Momoka's shoulders. Whereas in the anime, Switch stops him before he could touch Momoka.
  • Anime Exclusive Scenes:
    • In the anime, Otakura and Switch attend Momoka's concert in the beginning of the story where they talk about the fan appreciation contest for Momoka.
    • Momoka visit Sket Dan prior the concert, and Reiko notices Momoka in the Sket Dan room before popping in with her request.
  • Ending Alterations: In the manga, Momoka didn't ask for Switch's sketchbook. Whereas in the anime, she has the sketchbook in her dressing room as a source of inspiration.
    • Switch gets shaken by Reiko who is happy that Switch got the autograph.
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