Masked Love

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Kanji N/A
Romaji N/A
Volume Volume 14
Anime Episode 35
Akitoshi, Quecchon, Bossun, Himeko, Switch


An incredibly handsome guy called Akitoshi comes to Sket Dan with a request - help him confess his love to a girl. Despite his request he won't give details on who he is or who the girl is and just gives vague hints such as being in a society where they hid behind masks and challenge other Clubs.

However, Bossun eventually works out that Akitoshi and his girl are Enigman and Quecchon of the Quiz Society, and neither knows what the other really looks like or what their personality is. Akitoshi is handsome but shy and indecisive when unmasked, hence his hesitation to confess his love.

The Sket Dan eventually convince him to confess and arrange a meeting between Akitoshi and Quecchon, however Quecchon is revealed to be cute and good-looking but with a snobbish, sadistic nature when unmasked and she coldly turns him down.