Masayuki Satō
佐藤 雅之
Satō Masayuki
Age 21
Birthday November 29
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 185 cm.
Weight 64 kg.
Likes Rakugo
Dislikes Rules violation
Occupation Teacher
Manga Debut Chapter 221
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Masayuki Satō (佐藤 雅之, Satō Masayuki) is a teacher trainee who gets some first-hand experience teaching Class 3-C at Kaimei High School prior to taking his formal exam. His hobby is Rakugo, he doesn't read manga, and he currently has no girlfriend.


His seemingly stoic, dull personality is actually just an attempt to mask his intense nervousness - as he is originally of the belief that a teacher shouldn't laugh in class. As a result, he can maintain a straight face throughout even the most humorous of situations, and even answers some rather personal questions without batting an eye. The students of Class 3-C first suspect that he lacks a sense of humor, but are proven wrong upon turning the classroom into an impromptu Rakugo stage.

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