Masaya Kitaōji
北大路 正也
Kitaōji Masaya
Birthday February 4
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 175 cm.
Weight 58 kg.
Hair Brown
School Kaimei High School, Class 3-?
Affiliation Theater Club
Manga Debut Chapter 11
An Awful Snow Princess
Anime Debut Episode 6
Tears Even in the Onihime's Eyes
Seiyū Hideyuki Kanaya

Masaya Kitaōji (北大路 正也, Kitaōji Masaya) is the head of Kaimei High School's theater club. He suggests that the Student Council perform Peter Pan and tries to take advantage of the competitiveness between them and the Sket Dan to improve his club's funds. Though originally cast as the lead in the Student Council's play, he destroys the Sket Dan's costumes to get the upper hand and is subsequently punched and replaced by Tsubaki in the actual performance.


He has shoulder length brown and black eyes. His facial features leave a sinister look on his face.


  • "Masaya" means "happy" in Filipino, which may have something to do with his signature sinister grin.