Masamune Shinjō
Masamune Shinjo.png
新條 正宗
Shinjō Masamune
Age 19
Birthday ?
Gender Male
School Kaimei High School
Affiliation Student Council
Manga Debut Chapter 204
Words Given to You: A Farewell Address (Cameo)
Chapter 252

Masamune Shinjō (新條 正宗, Shinjō Masamune) is the former Student Council's president.


After he stepped down as Student Council President, Sōjirō Agata replaced him. He also rejected the initial request to form the Sket Club because he says that a club's name should not end in "dan." Also, the club needs at least three members. The Sket Dan didn't form until Bossun and Himeko recruited Kazuyoshi Usui.


Even though Shinjō has a very strict face, his smile looks suspicious. He has black hair that is combed backed into a business man hairstyle, and wears oval shaped glasses. He is seen wearing the formal Kaimei High uniform, and also the Student Council arm band.


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