Masafumi Usui
笛吹 正文
Usui Masafumi
Nickname Usui-chi (笛吹っち)
Switch (スイッチ)
Age 14
Birthday April 23
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Height 162 cm.
Weight 51 kg.
Eyes Reddish-brown
Hair Black
Likes sawa, computers, Kazuyoshi
Relatives Mother
Kazuyoshi Usui (brother)
Manga Debut Chapter 41
Brothers (chapter)
Anime Debut Episode 24
Seiyū Tetsuya Kakihara
Kaoru Mizuhara (young)

Masafumi Usui (笛吹 正文) was Kazuyoshi Usui's younger brother and the original source of the "Switch" nickname. The reason for his nickname was because he was called Usui-chii by his friends and it sounded like "Switch". Thus, it became his nickname.


Masafumi is a year younger than his brother. He was brilliant with computers, and possessed a very scientific mind. He created the speech synthesis software that Switch always uses, although he had not perfected it prior to his death. He was killed by Yukino, who mistakenly believed that he and Sawa were dating. As Yukino's former boyfriend, he had left her because he fell for Sawa, and she intended to make Sawa suffer as much as she had by stabbing her boyfriend whom she thought was Masafumi in the chest.


Masafumi has black hair and black eyes. He also wears thick black glasses.


Masafumi is kind and supportive of Kazuyoshi and Sawa. When Kazuyoshi refuses to go with Sawa, Masafumi reminds Kazuyoshi of their childhood photo. He tells Kazuyoshi that he does not like how his older brother acted so cold towards Sawa and him.


  • To Kazuyoshi: "I guess I've misjudged you..even though I'm always relying on you..I don't like you like this, An-chan."[1]


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