Magical Swindler: Reality☆Maji (魔法のペテン師 リアリティ☆マジ, Mahō no petenshi riaritei maji) is a magical-girl anime with an ordinary good versus evil storyline and plenty of battle scenes. Though the series takes place in a fantasy setting, the situations are handled in a down-to-earth manner to present a realistic world view to children watching.


  • Reality Maji (リアリティ☆マジ) is the protagonist of the series. Her three weapons are her genius swindling ability, magic, and her cynical stick. When she defeats a villain, she demands money from them. A sadist, her catchphrase is "will you see stars when I bury you in the ground?" (土に埋まって星を見る?, Tsuchi ni umatte hoshi o miru?). In the character popularity poll, she placed 27th with 43 votes. She is voiced by Ayane Sakura in the anime.


  • In chapter 5, Momoka's gang switches Himeko's field hockey stick with a life-sized toy of Reality Maji's cynical stick.
  • In chapter 68, Otakura wears a Reality☆Maji t-shirt.
  • In chapter 129, Switch trades with Otakura to receive a limited edition cynical stick, which is serial-numbered and rare. The top spins and lights up when a button is pressed, and the stick comes with a display stand.
  • In chapter 175, Dante wears a full Reality Maji costume. Himeko is also shown wearing a child-sized version of the costume in an eyecatch for episode 23.


  • Episode 8 of the series is titled "Crap! The Terrifying Inescapable Magical Loan" (パネェ! マジカルローン 蟻地獄の恐怖, Panee! Majikaru rōn arijigoku no kyōfu), as shown at the end of episode 7 of the Sket Dance anime.
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