Look Over Here for a Moment

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Kanji しばらく観させてもらいます
Romaji Shibaraku misasete moraimasu
Volume 12
Anime 50
Jin Kakiuchi, Himeko, Switch, Bossun


Jin shows up at the Sket-dan clubroom to observe their activities and to try and get a better idea of Himeko and Bossun's relationship. He observes them throughout the day, growing increasingly frustrated as he compares their interactions to those of a "married couple" when Himeko starts nagging Bossun and making him tea. Later, he accuses them of enacting a "first love" scenario while watching the two bickering and then make up during an attempt to build birdhouses as a request from the Biology Club.

Switch ends up having to explain the extent to which he and Himeko are both grateful to Bossun, and Jin decides that even if he has no chance, he still won't give up on trying to go out with Himeko. The chapter ends with Jin watching them again at a later date and after seeing Himeko nagging Bossun about the state of his Hair and feet screaming that they're "like a mother and child!".