Lonely Boy

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Kanji サビシンボーイ
Romaji Sabishin bōi
Volume 18
Anime N/A
Himeko, Switch, Bossun, Kiri Kato


Bossun thinks that Himeko is dating Kiri Katō. He wants to ask her directly but in every attempt he will turn shy and ask her other things such as: Which is your favorite ninjutsu?  After many fights, Himeko tells him that she will go to the mall to withdraw her purikuras. Switch tells Bossun that he go shopping with Himiko. In the mall, Bossun notices Himeko is very happy. Then, two delinquents appear and try to flirt with Himeko. Bossun seems to be pised off with the guys but in fact he is only terrified of Katou's strength, so he warns them that she has an insanely strong boyfriend.

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