Little Sister's Worries Worry Her Brother

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Kanji 妹の悩みに悩む兄
Romaji Imōto no nayami ni nayamu ani
Volume 20
Anime 65
Saaya Agata, Bossun, Himeko, Sōjirō Agata, Sasuke Tsubaki


Saaya finds herself unable to approach Bossun while he's near Himeko at school, and becomes upset over it at home. Her brother approaches her to find out what the problem is, and correctly guesses that it has to do with her love life. However, he incorrectly assumes she is talking about Tsubaki, rather than Bossun. He convinces her to ask the boy she likes on a date, as winter vacation will be ending soon.

The next day, Bossun receives a phone call from her while browsing a toy store, and they plan to meet up for tea. While waiting, he bumps into Tsubaki and, when Saaya shows up, Tsubaki is completely oblivious to the pair having scheduled a date. Saaya ends up inviting him along as well to quell the awkwardness of the situation, and soon after her brother appears, declaring he is coming along too. What would have been a date becomes the three of them plus Agata sitting down at a cafe - as he believes Bossun is getting in the way of Saaya and Tsubaki. The tension between the four of them grows thicker with each passing second, and when Bossun gets up to go the bathroom, Agata takes the initiative. Unfortunately, Tsubaki misunderstands his questions and believes Agata to be asking about the relationship between himself and Bossun. Then, when Tsubaki goes to the bathroom, Agata asks Bossun his opinion of Saaya and ends up coming to the conclusion that the three are involved in a love triangle. Afterward, Saaya is frustrated that her brother ruined her date, and Agata puzzles over how he can resolve the supposed love triangle.

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