Little Boss Has a Temper

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Kanji リトルボスはご機嫌ななめ
Romaji Ritoru bosu wa gokiken naname
Volume Volume 2
Anime Episode 9
Bossun, Switch, Tetsuji Chūma, Hime Onizuka, Sasuke Tsubaki, Shinzo Takemitsu, Mimori Unyu


Bossun finds a bottle of Coke on Switch's desk and drinks it. However, the Coke turns out to be Chū-san's prototype of a hair-regrowth/youth potion. Bossun shrinks to the size of a child, though his mental capacity remains the same. Himeko squeals over little Bossun while Switch notes that kids are her weak spot. Chū-san then leaves to make an antidote potion.

Himeko continues to squeal over Bossun, bringing out her motherly instincts, while Switch plays the part of the dad. They borrow clothes from a nearby kindergarten and then take Bossun out "for a walk" to show him off, much to Bossun's annoyance. Along the way, they meet Tsubaki, Shinzō, and Mimori - who each has an amusing reaction to Bossun's situation.

Chū-san returns with the antidote potion, much to Himeko's dismay and Bossun's relief. Bossun drinks it and grows back into his present age... but it turns out that the potion wasn't entirely a success as Bossun's mentality is now that of a child's.

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