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Can Mommy Come Too?

An educational TV show for children where Remi Misora is a host along with an unknown male host.[1]

Lucky Drop Candy

Bossun finds candy box.png

This is Akina and Chiaki's favorite candy. They are fruit flavored and color coordinated. The colors have a meaning to them.[2]

  • Yellow - Money
  • Green - Work
  • Pink - Love
  • White - Friends


Daisy's Doll

  • Momoi is a beloved doll whose arm was ripped off. This doll is thrown away by Daisy's mother instead of being repaired.[3]
  • Daisy has a cellphone strap in the memory of Momoi. It's a pink bear with "X" for eyes and sharp teeth. It is taken by Yabuta. [4]

Pelorin Doll


Pelorin Doll (ペロリンの人形, Perorin no ningyō) is a mascot of Pelollipop candy. A doll can be obtained when the customer finds a winning Pelollipop candy wrapper.[5]



This is Remi's beloved doll that was a gift from her television show. It's a ghost that wonders the Earth for no reason.[1]

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