These are templates that are used frequently around the wikia. In order to make things easier for new (and old!) editors, they're collected here. To use any of them, simply copy and paste the desired template onto an article, fill in the information, and voila! Keep in mind that any information which doesn't apply or isn't known can be left blank.

Character Infobox


{{Template:Character Info
|title           =
|name            =
|image           = 
|nickname        =
|age             =
|birthday        =
|gender          =
|blood           =
|height          =
|weight          =  
|eyes            =
|hair            =
|school          =
|class           =
|likes           =
|dislikes        =
|job             =
|affiliation     =
|relatives       = 
|mangadebut      =
|animedebut      =
|seiyu           = 


{{Template:Character Info
|title = Yūsuke Fujisaki / Bossun
|image =  [[File:bossun.png|300px]]
|name = 藤崎 佑助<br> ''Fujisaki Yūsuke''
|nickname = Bossun (ボッスン)<br/>Bosshūton (ボッシュートン)
|age = 16 (chapters 1-86)<br />17 (chapters 87-present)
|birthday = November 11, 1992
|gender = Male
|blood = AB
|height = 171 cm
|weight = 57 kg 
|eyes =  
|hair = Black
|school = [[Kaimei High School]]
|class = 2-C (chapters 1-209)<br />3-C (chapters 210-present)
|likes = Fried food, mandarin jelly, hamburgers, robots
|dislikes = Ghosts and phantoms
|affiliation = [[Sket Dan]]<br />[[Sket Bombers]]<br />[[The Sketchbook (Sket Dan)|The Sketchbook]]
|relatives = [[Akane Fujisaki]] (mother) <br> [[Rumi Fujisaki]] (younger sister) <br> [[Haru Kirishima]] (biological mother) <br> [[Ryōsuke Kirishima]] (biological father) <br>[[Sasuke Tsubaki]] (twin brother)
|mangadebut = [[Paint-Mask (chapter)|Chapter 1]]
|animedebut = [[The Campus SKET|Episode 1]]
|seiyu = [[Wikipedia:Hiroyuki Yoshino|Hiroyuki Yoshino]]

The above yields the character infobox appearing on Bossun's article.

Manga Chapter Infobox


|title           =
|image           = 
|kanji           =
|romaji          =
|volume          = 
|chapter         =
|episodes        =
|previouschapter =
|nextchapter     = 
|characters =


|title           = The Legendary Onihime
|image           = Ch005.jpg
|kanji           = 伝説の鬼姫
|romaji          = ''Densetsu no onihime''
|volume          = Volume [[Paint-Mask (volume)|1]]
|chapter         = 5
|episodes        = Episode [[The Legendary Onihime (episode)|3]]
|previouschapter = Peppermint Samurai (chapter)
|nextchapter     = Onihime and the Crowbar
|characters = [[Hime Onizuka|Himeko]], [[Inui]], [[Kijima]], [[Sarukawa]], [[Yūsuke Fujisaki|Bossun]], [[Kazuyoshi Usui|Switch]], [[Chiaki Takahashi]], [[Momoka Kibitsu]]

The above yields the chapter infobox appearing on the article for The Legendary Onihime (chapter).

Anime Episode Infobox


|title           =
|image           = 
|kanji           =
|romaji          =
|number          = 
|airdate         =
|manga           =
|previous        =
|next            = 
|op              =
|ed              =


|title           = Gachinko Vivage Battle
|image           = Ep11.jpg
|kanji           = ガチンコ・ビバゲー・バトル
|romaji          = ''Gachinko bibagee batoru''
|number          = 11
|airdate         = June 16, 2011
|manga           = Chapters [[Gachinko Vivage Battle (chapter)|25]], [[The War Begins!!|26]], [[Round 1 - Cooking Colosseum|27]] & [[Round 2 - Spirit Fighter|28]]
|previous        = You Mustn't Watch It (episode)
|next            = Shooting Gangster, etc.
|op              = [[Kakkowarui I love you!]]
|ed              = [[Comic Sonic]]

The above yields the episode infobox appearing on the article for Gachinko Vivage Battle (episode).

Episode Cast & Credits Template


{|cellspacing="1/6" cellpadding="2" border="0" align="center" width="100%"
[[Character 1]]: Seiyū<br />
[[Character 2]]: Seiyū</small>
[[Character 3]]: Seiyū<br />
[[Character 4]]: Seiyū</small>

An episode article should only include the voice cast listed in the episode's end credits (if you're uncertain of who/what that entails, you can leave it blank and an admin will add it).


{|cellspacing="1/6" cellpadding="2" border="0" align="center" width="100%"
[[Bossun|Yūsuke Fujisaki (Bossun)]]: Hiroyuki Yoshino<br />
[[Himeko|Hime Onizuka (Himeko)]]: Ryōko Shiraishi<br />
[[Switch|Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch)]]: Tomokazu Sugita<br />
[[Shinzō Takemitsu]]: Kenta Miyake<br />
[[Moe Yabasawa]]: Megumi Toyoguchi<br />
[[Teppei Sugihara]]: Daisuke Sakaguchi<br />
[[Kanegi]]: Kōichi Sakaguchi</small>
[[Yeti]]: Masahito Yabe<br />
Kendo Club Members: Hiroaki Tajiri<br />
[[Saki]]: Kōzō Dōzaka<br />
Girl A: Yukiko Hinata<br />
Girl B: Yuka Harui<br />
Girl C: Naoko Komori</small>

The above, from Peppermint Samurai (episode), comes out looking like this:

Yūsuke Fujisaki (Bossun): Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hime Onizuka (Himeko): Ryōko Shiraishi
Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch): Tomokazu Sugita
Shinzō Takemitsu: Kenta Miyake
Moe Yabasawa: Megumi Toyoguchi
Teppei Sugihara: Daisuke Sakaguchi
Kanegi: Kōichi Sakaguchi

Yeti: Masahito Yabe
Kendo Club Members: Hiroaki Tajiri
Saki: Kōzō Dōzaka
Girl A: Yukiko Hinata
Girl B: Yuka Harui
Girl C: Naoko Komori

Image Fair Use Rationale and Licensing


{{Fair use rationale
       | Description = 
       | Source= 
       | Portion= 
       | Purpose= 
       | Resolution= 
       | Replaceability= 
       | Other Information=


{{Fair use rationale
       | Description = Misato
       | Source= Sket Dance
       | Portion= Episode 44
       | Purpose= Illustrate Articles
       | Resolution= High
       | Replaceability= Only by a higher quality image of the same licensing status
       | Other Information=

The above yields the fair use rationale appearing on this image of Misato.

See also: Template:Fairuse.

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