Kyōko Nanba
Kyoko Nanba
南場 京子
Nanba Kyōko
Birthday March 10
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Height 171 cm.
Weight 59 kg.
Eyes Black
Hair Brown
Manga Debut Chapter 57
Anime Debut Episode 36
Seiyū Ayahi Takagaki

Kyōko Nanba (南場 京子, Nanba Kyōko) was one of Himeko's classmates in junior high school.


Kyōko Nanba was the ringleader of a group of delinquents in Himeko's old junior high school. She and Arisa had an arrangement whereby Arisa willingly paid Kyōko in order to keep others away and prevent any potential bullying before it could start. When Himeko intervenes to save Arisa from Kyōko, Arisa had explained to Himeko why she hated people who viewed as a weak girl. As Kyōko beats Himeko, Himeko lashes and pummels Kyōko and her gang with her hockey stick.


Kyōko has black eyes with small pupils and brown hair that reaches her shoulders. While she wears red lipstick, she has braces.

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