Name Knaprill
Purpose Knapsack
Manga Debut Chapter 63
Bad Scientist
Anime Debut Episode 27
Together with Oneesan and a Bad Scientist
Creator Switch

Knaprill (マンドセル, Mandoseru) is an invention of Switch's which came about from the idea to create a designer-style bag. It combines the stylish functionality of a knapsack with the vivid colors of a mandrill, and looks like a realistic mandrill head with backpack straps. The bag's main compartment is accessed by opening the top of the head, with a second compartment accessible through the mouth. The entire thing is made of an elastic material, making it very flexible.

Naming Sense

The Japanese name, mandoseru, is a combination of the first part of マンドリル ("mandoriru", or mandrill) and the last part of ランドセル ("randoseru", meaning knapsack/satchel). The translated name is similar: it's the first part of "knapsack" combined with the last part of "mandrill".