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Kiyoshi Date / Dante
伊達 聖士
Date Kiyoshi
Nickname Dante (ダンテ)
Birthday May 30
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Height 173 cm.
Weight 54 kg.
Eyes Red
Hair Purple & Black
School Kaimei High School
Class 2-E (chapters 1-209)
3-C (chapters 210-present)
Likes Dream of Lie, Naruto
Dislikes Death metal
Affiliation JardiN (vocalist)
Manga Debut Chapter 36
Anime Debut Episode 15
Seiyū Takashi Kondō (drama CD)
GACKT (anime)

Kiyoshi Date (伊達 聖士, Date Kiyoshi), more commonly known as Dante (ダンテ) is a Kaimei student who is a huge fan of the visual kei subculture. He is the vocalist for the visual kei band JardiN.


Dante has purple and black hair worn in a somewhat spiked style, which falls over one of his eyes. He uses both lipstick and nail polish and can often be seen wearing scarves, jewelry and belt accouterments. He is a relatively an average height and average built person, similar to Bossun's body structure.


Despite his strong onstage presence, Dante is very shy and gets embarrassed easily. He has trouble adequately expressing himself and is frequently misunderstood as a result. This is primarily due to the fact that he tends to speak in short, abstract phrases which must be interpreted by the listener. Additionally, though he has a gothic image, he enjoys shōnen manga - Naruto in particular. Also, Date's misunderstood language is told by Himeko and Bossun as "visual kei" or visual language, which is a language used by certain people, mostly by shy people who have trouble communcating with others and sometimes, by people use it to look cool or gothic, which Date uses for both reasons.[1]

Major Story Points

Confounded Angels

Dante was stated to have been standing outside the Sket Dan Clubroom looking lost by Ayumi Kuramoto and it was her who brought him to the Sket Dan. At first glance, he seems to be talking nothing but nonsense much to the annoyance of Bossun and Himeko. Gradually, they found out from Ayumi that Dante is a huge fan of visual kei bands and their influence had altered his way of speaking. Switch, who was quiet all this while, now agrees with Himeko and Bossun that his way of talking is annoying. After a few more tries to get Dante talking, the Sket Dan found out that he likes eating Teriyaki burgers and watching 'Naruto'. After even more tries, they figured that the clues were all hidden in the way Dante talked. In the end, Bossun noticed that the descriptions given by Dante seem to fit one object- the "Lazy Musaborou" that Switch picked up earlier on. With the Sket Dan rejoicing about the fact that they solved the case, nobody realized that the clues weren't actually clues but they were concrete descriptions for the visual kei band "Dream of Lie" ticket that he wanted to go to.[2]

Confounded Angels (Take 2)

Again, Dante comes to the Sket Dan for help in looking for something. With the clues they got from him, they figured that he must be describing the love charm that everyone was talking about where you must put the name of the girl you like in a pen for three months. It seems that Dante has a crush on this girl called Yukie Izumisawa, so a week ago, he wrote her name on a piece of paper and put it in his pencil. Today, however, it vanished. The Sket Dan concluded that the pencil belonging to Dante was stolen. At first, they thought the culprit was Mitsuru Jōgasaki but was proven wrong when they found out that he likes Chiaki Takahashi. Then, Bossun concluded that Yukie was the person who stole the pen after hearing the girl's version of the love charm rumor from Switch. Apparently, the girl's version of the love charm rumor states that you must take something important from the boy and hold it for three months. Yukie, who wanted the pen, switched it with another pen she bought from the same place. In the end, she found that the person's name written inside the pen was her own name. With Bossun telling her to meet him inside the classroom, Yukie went in only to find Dante, which wasn't the person she was expecting. Apparently, Yukie had mistaken the pen for Murakami's one when in reality, she had taken Dante's one.

The Archangel's Ballad

Dante develops a crush on Koma, who reciprocates his feelings (unbeknownst to him). However, as both have difficulty expressing themselves, they each ask the Sket Dan to assist. Ultimately, their inexpressive personalities cause problems and misunderstandings, and they end up deciding that they aren't meant for each other.

Enka vs. Visual Kei

Appearance while Enka-obsessed

After falling asleep listening to a televised Enka concert, Dante becomes wholly enamored with the music style and changes his image and way of speaking. His friend and bandmate Rodan asks the Sket Dan for help, and they attempt to remind Dante of his love of visual kei by emulating his usual style and speech. When this proves unsuccessful, they opt to knock him unconscious and have him listen to visual kei music. Surprisingly, this returns him to normal... until he turns up a few days later wearing a full Reality Maji costume as a result of having fallen asleep listening to anime songs.



  • He ranked 10th in the first character popularity contest and 17th in the second.
  • GACKT was the inspiration for Dante's character.
  • Dante's full name isn't revealed until chapter 175. Until then, only his surname Date was known.[3]
  • Dante's e-mail address is revealed [4] which is namesake after Uzumaki Naruto's well-known catchphrase.


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