Kiri Katō
Kiri Kato.png
加藤 希里
Katō Kiri
Age 16
Birthday April 8, 1993
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 180 cm.
Weight 62 kg.
Eyes Black
Hair Silver
School Kaimei High School
Class 1-D (chapters 1-209)
2-? (chapters 210-present)
Likes doing things his own way
Dislikes taking orders from others
Affiliation Student Council
Manga Debut Chapter 152
Chase Kagerō!
Anime Debut Episode 72
Chase Kagerō!
Seiyū Ryota Ohsaka

Kiri Katō (加藤 希里, Katō Kiri) is a first-year student at Kaimei High School who is descended from real ninja. He becomes the General Affairs Manager for the Student Council after Michiru graduates.


In middle school, his friend Kihara was harassed on a regular basis. Unable to effect the situation to any large degree himself, Katō asked a teacher to intervene. Unfortunately, the teacher turned out to also be tormenting Kihara and made the situation even worse, leading the latter to be shunned by the entire class. As a result, Katō lost faith in the idea of relying on others.


Because of his frequently expressed stern, stoic face, he's considered to be handsome (at least mentioned by Himeko). He is well-built and has silver colored hair. There are bobby-pins that hold up the left side of his hair, from which his earrings are noticeable. In his debut, he is seen wearing a chain necklace with a pendant hanging; his outfit consist of baggy pants, white button-up shirt, sweater, with chains attached to his pants. His overall image seemed to emit delinquency notwithstanding him joining the student council later on.


Katō likes doing things on his own or with his own way and hates taking orders from others. He has a tendency to speak bluntly and act spontaneously. After he acknowledges Tsubaki, he becomes fiercely protective of the latter and less adamant about working alone, now choosing to follow whatever Tsubaki wants him to do, which includes working together with the rest of the Student Council.

Major Story Arcs


After Kiri catches a student for stealing a young girl's gym clothes, Sasuke tells Kiri not to do these things independently. Sasuke informs Kiri that he had learned from Himeko about Kiri's past. Kiri mentions that he joined the student council, so he can bring justice. When Kiri threatens to throw away his armband, Sasuke states that Kiri joined the student council to seek companionship. Kiri leaves Sasuke after Sasuke had said that he will not betray his friends. On the next day, Kiri is shocked when he sees Daijirō arriving to his class as a substitute teacher. Later, he spots Daijirō harassing and threatening Himeko into her hair black. Kiri decides to take matters in his own hand by tying up Daijirō and forcing him to apologize while broadcasting the event at the same time. Sasuke and Bossun arrive on scene to stop Kiri. When Sasuke shares how important friends are, Kiri throws his armband away. Touched by Sasuke's words, Kiri frees and apologizes to Daijirō. After the incident, Kiri gets suspended for 2 weeks and when he returns to the Student Council's room he swore allegiance to Sasuke Tsubaki.[1]

Special Abilities

  • Agility and sharp reflexes: Kiri Katō is very agile and possesses sharp reflexes.
  • Speed: Kiri's speed is so fast to the point of him looking as if he teleported from one place to another.
  • Strength: As a ninja, Kiri is naturally tough and very strong.
  • Use of weaponry: He also carries an arsenal of weapons to use in combat.


  • Kunai
  • Kusarigama: it has a weight and sickle bind with a chain.


  • Tsubaki: At first, Kiri belittles Tsubaki's position as student council president, refusing to take orders from him or act along with the rest of the group. However, after the incident with Kutsuwa, where Tsubaki refused to abandon Katō, the latter became Tsubaki's staunch supporter and self-appointed bodyguard. Katō and Tsubaki's relationship is often juxtaposed with Himeko and Bossun's.
  • Himeko: Kiri knows Himeko because she rescued him from a gang when he was in middle school. The two of them become good friends to the point where Kiri is willing to share his personal backstory with her. She is the first one to truly open up to him in the series because of their similar violent tendencies. Bossun makes the mistake that they are dating, but is later proven wrong, as Himeko says that she isn't interested in him at all.



  • To Tsubaki: "I, Katō Kiri of the post General Affairs, swear my allegiance to the Student Council president, Tsubaki. Your wish is my command."
  • To Bossun: "Whatever the Sket-Dan needs to do, I'll settle it. You can retire now, Bossun-san."


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