Kinue Azuma / Silk
我妻 絹衣
Azuma Kinue
Nickname Silk (シルク)
Age 15/16
Gender Female
Hair Black
School Kaimei High School
Class 1-?
Likes Magic
Affiliation Pocket Dan
Manga Debut Chapter 212

Kinue Azuma (我妻 絹衣 Azuma Kinue) or Silk (シルク) is one of Pocket Dan members. She is a magician who speaks in Hakata dialect. Her nickname for Bossun is "Milk", which she says is because she views him as her godfather.


Silk wears the standard girl's school uniform except replacing the jacket with a magician's waistcoat with several pockets and wearing a miniature top hat. Her hair is styled in separate long bangs and a straight fringe.


Of the three Pocket Dan members she's the most level headed expressing concern for Smile and annoyance at Tact's rudeness and is later willing to admit respect for Bossun later on. Because she speaks in the Hakata Dialect some people don't understand her.

She has a kleptomaniac habit of picking up and keeping small objects which she uses for her tricks and to assist both the Sket and Pocket Dans. However, she is slightly unaware of doing it as she'll be surprised to find herself next to an empty drawer with several objects in her hands.

Major Story Arcs

Cheeky Rookies

The first appearance of Tact and the Pocket Dan. Tact attempts to take over the Sket Dan Club with Silk's help to throw the original trio out or disband them so he can start the Club anew. However, the Pocket Dan's motive to take over is less pure than Sket Dan - they want to show off more than help others.

Special Abilities

  • Magician's Hands - Silk is a skilled performance artist at 'Magic' and Sleight of Hand. This means that she can also quickly do actions such as tying someones hands in string and pocket small items without anyone noticing.


  • The name Kinue means "silk" (絹) (kinu) and "clothing, garment" (衣) (e).
  • Kinue's surname Azuma means "I, me" (我) (a) and "wife" (妻) (tsuma/zuma).
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