Kikuno Asahina / Daisy
浅雛 菊乃
Asahina Kikuno
Nickname Daisy (デージー or 雛菊)
Birthday February 15, 1993
Gender Female
Blood Type O
Height 163 cm.
Weight 47 kg.
Hair Black
School Kaimei High School
Class 2-G (chapters 1-209)
3-C (chapters 210-present)
Likes Stuffed animals from Marronnier Mania
Dislikes Otaku
Occupation Marronnier Mania employee (part-time)
Affiliation Student Council
Relatives Mother
Manga Debut Chapter 23
Anime Debut Episode 3
Seiyū Aya Endō (Drama CD)
Yū Kobayashi (anime)

Kikuno Asahina (浅雛 菊乃, Asahina Kikuno), also known as Daisy (デージー / 雛菊), is the secretary of Kaimei High School's Student Council.


Daisy has black hair that reaches to mid-back when loose that is usually worn up in a high ponytail. Although she is always seen wearing glasses, at one point she loans them to Michiru Shinba and appears to have no trouble seeing without them. She tends to have intimidating facial expressions, even when sad, embarrassed, etc.


As described by Switch, Daisy is generally a girl who is the embodiment of cool and calm. She retains her intimidating atmosphere no matter what emotions she states she feels. Often, when upset, she grabs a plush toy and repeatedly rubs and mutters into it. She also seems to favor collecting said stuffed toys. She does not like asking for help and this causes some unwanted trouble. It is somewhat cured, however, because now she occasionally asks Tsubaki for help. She blames herself and does not like it when people get hurt.

She has an unusual habit of destroying or damaging anything that 'irritates' her, often causing the rest of the Students Council members to restrain her from doing so. She often pokes people's eyes when she is angry, irritated, or embarrassed

Major Story Points

The Spider's Association

As part of an undercover operation to catch the members of the Spider's Association, Daisy poses as a student named Kiku Dejime. She and Michiru stage a shoplifting photo, which he uses when he infiltrates the group as a new member. As a result, "Kiku" receives a text message to meet the group in an unused storehouse on school grounds. When she does, the group's leader Kusabe threatens to send the picture to the entire school if she doesn't do as they tell her. When Kusabe launches himself at her, "Kiku" breaks into a smile and steps to the side - enabling Tsubaki to punch Kusabe in the face.

When Tsubaki states that the Association is finished and Kusabe feigns innocence, the former reveals that "Kiku" was wearing a recording device the entire time. In an act of desperation, Kusabe stabs Tsubaki and then turns to do the same to Daisy before being stopped by Michiru. He and Daisy then reveal themselves to be members of the Student Council.[1]

Gachinko Vivage Battle

Daisy competes in the third round, playing the real-time shooter game "Shooting Gangster" against Switch. She appears to have the upper hand at first, due in part to her own precision and efficiency and in part to Switch's poor aim. She manages to corner Switch in a classroom, each of them only 1 point away from victory. Though he misses the last shot in his main gun, he throws it at Daisy as a distraction, switches to his second gun, and manages to win by shooting a millisecond faster than her.

After her loss, Daisy asks how she could have misheard the number of his shots. Switch reveals that he had used sound effects from his laptop to trick her into thinking he was out of ammunition. Daisy then rejoins the rest of the Student Council, upset over having lost. [2]

Principal's Bust

Daisy is seen during the Student Council meeting stating that she broke the doorknob of the girl's changing room because it was irritating. Later on, while in the principal's office, she suggested that they alter the principal's bust by drawing in the eyes with the same pen that Agata used to vandalize the principal's bust in the first place. Gradually, the Student Council made an even bigger mess of the principle's bust the more they tried to fix it. As the principle himself was about to enter the room, Daisy immediately attacked him by poking him in the eyes. This stalled enough time for Agata to knock the principle out and allow the Unyuu group to create a new bust for the principle.[3]

Michiru's Cooking Show

Michiru was asked to be the first guest for the broadcasting club's 'Kaimei LunchTime Show TV Special' since there have been TV's set up in all classrooms. Naturally, Michiru accepted the offer and immediately reported to the Student Council President Agata. While in the Student Council room, he also needed two students to volunteer as his assistants, which he deliberately chose Tsubaki and Mimori. This, however, irritated Agata and Daisy who also wanted Michiru to recruit them. As Michiru was arguing with Agata, he asked Daisy, who tried showing that she likes cooking by cutting an eraser and was defined as really scary. In the end, the Student Council decided that they should draw lots. Thus, Agata and Daisy were chosen to be Michiru's assistants. On the day of the program, Daisy showed zero motivation due to her favourite stuffed animal Momoi had one of its arms torn off. Her mom threw the stuffed toy away without the consent of Daisy, so they both had a big fight. Daisy was tasked to cut onions but instead, chose to cut bitter melon, stating that finely chopping is the best way of cheering her up. Then, she was tasked to break an egg, which she did by literally crushing the egg on the table. Next, she helped Agata with slapping the patties by throwing it as if it was a ball. Eventually, after a mistake with Agata and his cooking, Michiru got drunk by accident and asked Daisy to go out with him. Daisy responded by poking him in the eyes. Thus, the show ended really badly.[4]

Quiz Society

Enigman and Quecchon challenges the Student Council to a quiz battle with guest star Bossun. Daisy was paired up with Mimori to answer the questions and as the first question came up, Daisy could only think of tearing off their mask's and poking their eyes. They both got the first question wrong.

In the end, Agata came just in time and answered all questions correctly, thus the Quiz society gave back the photo that forced them to answer the questions in the first place; a photo showing the Student Council vandalizing the principle's bust.[5]

Tsubaki and Daisy

Daisy was shown being surrounded by two delinquents who tried hitting on her. Naturally, she poked them in the eyes and attacked them. In the process, she lost one of her favorite toys and while she was distracted, it gave the delinquents some time to grab her. However, Bossun just happened to pass by, making both delinquents flee. After helping Daisy get her toy back and telling Daisy that the Sket Dan helps those in trouble, Daisy responded by poking his eye.

Back in the Student Council room, Daisy couldn't open the lid of some jar, leading Tsubaki to help her. She refused help, making the rest of the Student Council wonder why is it that Daisy never asks for help. After the meeting, Daisy got a letter from the leader of the delinquents she fought earlier, telling her to come to their hideout.

Once there, the leader named Yabuda tried to kiss her, which he succeeds but only on the cheek. The next day, Tsubaki was alerted to Daisy's problem by her friend Saeki. This made Tsubaki angry and immediately called Daisy to meet him. Upon asking her why she wouldn't receive any help from anybody, she states that getting others hurt because of her is really hurtful. This caused Tsubaki to re-think about what he is going to do, even to the point of going to Bossun for help.

In the end, Tsubaki and the Sket Dan took care of the delinquents. As they were going back, they met Daisy who was looking for Tsubaki. After accepting the fact that she can receive help, Bossun states out loud that everything's fine now that the problem's solved, leading Daisy to poke him in the eyes. Back at the Student Council room, Daisy asks Tsubaki for help with opening the lid for the jar of candy, much to the surprise of the Student Council Executives. She shares the chocolates, giving one per person. However, Tsubaki receives two as thanks for helping her open the jar. [6]

The last day of the president

During the president Agata's last day, Daisy, Bossun, and the rest of the student council did a surprise game. After Sōjirō believe Saaya was kidnapped, he solves the riddles and sees Daisy and the others' message.[7]


During Sasuke and Sōjirō's farewell speeches, Daisy attends the ceremony. Daisy and her new student council bid their final farewells with Shinba and Sōjirō. [8]

Special Abilities

Eye Poking: Due to her excessive eye poking, she has notably fast jabs, giving the victim very little time to respond or dodge.


Sasuke Tsubaki

The two usually don't get along as Daisy will snap at Tsubaki with her acronyms. During the Tsubaki and Daisy arc, the two argue over each other's methods. Daisy did not agree how Tsubaki solve things with his fists. When Daisy got into trouble with a delinquent, Daisy refuses Tsubaki's help. With the assistance of the Sket Dan, both Daisy and Tsubaki begin to trust each other, and the two got along.[9]



  • The name Kikuno means "chrysanthemum" (菊) (kiku) and "from" (乃) (no).
    • Her nickname Daisy comes from combining the second kanji of her surname with the first kanji of her first name. When put together, they form 雛菊 (Hinagiku), which means "daisy".
  • Kikuno's surname Asahina means "shallow" (浅) (asa) and "chick, squab, duckling, doll" (雛) (hina).


  • During the Kaimei Rock Festival, she plays bass guitar in the Student Council Band.
  • Kenta Shinohara states that Daisy has 5 pairs of glasses, each with a different color frame. Although the frames are red in the anime, Shinohara has never declared an official color for them.
    • Daisy seems to see just fine without her glasses. For example, she is able to trap the Spider Society without the aid of her glasses when she lent Michiru Shinba her glasses and scrunchie.
  • Daisy's birthday is mistakenly stated as being November 7. In answer to a fan's question, Shinohara says that the mix-up is because Switch's information was originally wrong (though he also apologizes for the mistake).[11]
  • Daisy's way of talking is called "gal-speak" (ギャル語, gyaru-go), which is most commonly associated with Japan's Gyaru subculture.


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